Blaseball Zine Jam!

    Run a zine! Contribute to a zine! No applications needed!
    Submit between August 7 - September 4!

    What is this?

    This is the Blaseball Zine Jam! Inspired by game jams, contributors will have a month to make a blaseball themed zine! Creators of all kinds are welcomed: writers, artists, musicians, cosplayers, and anything else you can imagine! You can also work collaboratively with friends or publish an independent zine that you’ve always wanted to do. It’s a great opportunity to stretch and challenge your creative muscles, and a fun chance to meet and work alongside other fans!


    The Blaseball Zine Jam has the following policy in place for all material submitted to the jam, as well as the content discussed within the server for zine production:1: Maincord rules generally apply. We ask that all participants keep to a general PG-13 rating for content and discussion, while providing adequate content warnings when it comes to discussion of in-game and in lore material. Additionally, swearing is permitted in both the side server space and your zines themselves.2: When working on group projects, and taking inspiration from other creators within the Blaseball sphere, please be sure to provide proper credit in your post, all group zines should have a credit page. Please only submit work you created yourself, or have permission to submit.3: Any and all zine formats are allowed, including print formats, digital formats (PDF, EPUB) or digital play in browser books/storytelling games such as Twine. If you use tools by other creators to make your zine (such as the Electric Zine Maker) be sure to credit those tools as well.

    How do I join?

    1. We encourage you to join the official discord for this event! This is where zines will be planned and discussed. You will also have an opportunity to meet and collaborate with other contributors!
    2. In the server you can pitch a zine idea or join an existing zine! Get started! It’s never too late to join the jam (except after the end date). There is no formal sign up/application process.
    3. Once you’re finished, submit your zine to our page! At the end of the creation period, all of the zines will be released to the public and available to view in the gallery!

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